Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Be Healthy and Beautiful with Aloe Vera Juice for Your Diet Menu

People love to have nice body that can make the proud to show it. It’s a common and natural thing that everybody has in mind. This is why you should just get the information about what you didn't know about aloe vera juice weight loss so that you can use this information to help you reduce some kilos from your body. Aloe vera juice can help people to reduce some kilograms from their body. Not only it’s so healthy to drink, yet you can have a stable metabolism even when you are diet by using this juice. Unlike other ways that you have when you do to diet, this juice won’t make your metabolism in chaos, also you will omit the chance to get some bad effects from your diet too.
As some people have experienced, unstable diet routines will just make you get flabby and wrinkled face as the result. This will be so bad for you since you cannot get great posture and beautiful face at the same time. Yet, when you consue aloe vera juice then you will be able to avoid such disaster since the substances that are included in this juice will help to make you stay healthy and beautiful.
No need to worries about your skin performance when you have diet anymore since this juice will help to build it again in no time. This is why you should just try this recipe and see more benefits of drinking aloe so that you can have the good effects from having this juice with you. If you have been able to control your diet and the substance that you get into your body then you can help to stabilize the condition of your body easily. If it’s hard for you to figure out on how you can make the aloe juice then you should just try to get the link to website that can give you the free recipe.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to Cut Risk of Heart Disease

Which of the following measures will cut a patient's risk of heart disease by 50%?

1.  Losing weight
2.  Stop Smoking
3.  LDL-C below 100 mg/dl
4.  Blood Pressure below 120/80 mmhg

If you said "Stop Smoking" you would be correct.  Does that surprise you?  We hear about blood pressure control, cholesterol control and getting weight under control but cigarettes are the biggest risk factor for

Calories Still Matter

The Centers for Disease Control's NHANES surveys documented a massive increase in obesity in the United States between the 1960-62 and 2007-2008 survey periods (1).  In 1960, 13 percent of US adults were obese, while in 2008 that number had risen to 34 percent.  The prevalence of extreme obesity increased from 0.9 to 6.0 percent over the same time period!

Something has changed, but what?  Well, the most parsimonious explanation is that we're simply eating more.  Here is a graph I created of our calorie intake (green) overlaid on a graph of obesity prevalence (blue) between 1970 and 2008:

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sugar in Soft Drinks

A picture says it all.  Parents, please stop buying soda and soft drinks for your kids.  Lets break the sugar/obesity epidemic once and for all.

Monday, May 28, 2012

How Bad is Fructose? David Despain Interviews Dr. John Sievenpiper

In my article "Is Sugar Fattening?", I discussed a recent review paper on fructose, by Dr. John Sievenpiper and colleagues (1).  It was the most recent of several review papers to conclude that fructose is probably not inherently fattening in humans, but that it can be fattening if it's consumed to excess, due to the added calories.  Dr. Sievenpiper and colleagues have also written other papers addressing the metabolic effects of fructose, which appear to be fairly minor unless it's consumed to excess (2, 3, 4, 5).  The senior author on these studies is Dr. David Jenkins at McMaster University.  David Despain, a science and health writer who publishes a nice blog called Evolving Health, recently interviewed Dr. Sievenpiper about his work.

It's an interesting interview and very timely, due to the recent attention paid to fructose in the popular media. This has mostly been driven by a couple of high-profile individuals-- an issue they discuss in the interview.  The interview, recent papers, and sessions at scientific conferences are part of an effort by researchers to push back against some of the less well founded claims that have received widespread attention lately.

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Current Insurance Policies Fall Short of Health Care Reform

While we await the ruling of the  supposedly non-partisan Supreme Court on the legality of  the Affordable Care Act (aka: Obamacare, health care reform) it is useful to know one thing that would change if it goes through.  More than 11 million Americans are currently covered by private individual insurance plans that would not meet the minimum standards of coverage with ACA.  The big insurance

Saturday, May 26, 2012

High Health Cost Does Not Guarantee Quality

The new buzzword in Medicine these days is "value based purchasing".  It's not a new concept...everyone wants to get their moneys worth, whether it is a new car, a meal at a fancy restaurant or the best medical care.  Without clear information on quality,  however, many patients assume that more expensive care is better care.

The Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHCRQ) has funded